Topics: Construction and Decorative Technique


1: The Age of Oak

A survey of the development of English oak furniture in terms of its construction, style and decoration from the medieval period through to the end of the 17th Century.

6: From Joinery to Cabinet-Making 

The development of joinery as a method for constructing furniture from medieval times to the end of the 17th century and its comparison with that of cabinet-making.

7: From Veneering to Marquetry 

The history, techniques and uses of veneering, inlay, parquetry and marquetry in decorating furniture between the period 1675 – 1730.

9: Splendiferous Furniture of the Late 17th Century 

An appraisal of the courtly ceremonial splendour and function of furniture of the post-Restoration period, with reference not just to its design, construction and decoration but also to its fabulously expensive upholstery.

12: From Rome to Kent – The Baroque Style in English Furniture

This lecture combines looking at furniture with looking at the interiors for which it was designed as it follows the Baroque style from Rome to England.

17: ‘All That Glitters…’

The lecture will draw on English and continental examples of furniture dazzlingly enriched with gilding and gilded ornaments and will consider the symbolic use of gilt ornamentation as an expression of power.



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