Topics: 19th Century (Regency and Victorian)


22: Thomas Chippendale the Younger and George Bullock

After Chippendale’s death in 1779, his eldest son, also named Thomas, carried on his cabinet-making business until 1804.  Chippendale the Younger & George Bullock were brilliant and highly influential designers and skilled craftsmen, as this lecture will show.

23: Regency Furniture 

An examination of the novelty, variety and intricacy of what we now call the “Regency” style but was then known as the “Grecian or modern style”.

24: Why Victoria Was Not Amused… Victorian Furniture

A suitable sub-title would be “The good, the bad and the ugly” as all three are to be found within Victorian furniture!

27: Are You Sitting Comfortably?

The lecture traces the development of the chair in terms of its construction and style from ancient times through to the 19th century and will hopefully surprise attendees with just how much there is to reveal about such a common item of furniture.



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