The Age of Elegance: Georgian Furniture

The Age of Elegance: Georgian Furniture Special Interest DayThe term Georgian immediately conjures up images of elegant English Furniture and this special interest day will focus on the development of elegance through style in relation to the design and construction of furniture during the 18th Century.   It commences with an appraisal of early 18th century walnut furniture (including the so-called “Queen Anne” style) and progresses through the Mahogany Rococo style of the 1740s to 1760s to the fancy-wood neo-classical styles of the last quarter of the century.   The day will include looking at the  influence on furniture style and fashion  of designer-craftsmen such as Thomas Chippendale which will involve looking at some of the more eccentric styles of the period – the Chinese (“Chinoiserie”) and the romanticised Gothic style so favoured by Walpole at Strawberry Hill.

Those attending are encouraged to bring with them any item of 18th century furniture or wooden object they can manage to transport safely.  All items brought will be discussed and if sufficient items are brought, will form an end-of-day quiz, which is always fun!


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