Regency and Victorian Furniture

Regency and Victorian FurnitureThe lecture provides a complete overview of 19th century furniture design and construction commencing with the novelty, variety and intricacy of the Regency and progressing through the historic eclecticism of Victorian Gothic, Elizabethan and Louis revivals to the impact of the Great Exhibition on furniture decoration and the effect of mechanisation on furniture design and production.

However, as a Study Day, it allows for a much more in-depth study of one of the most complex of centuries.  It will cover the same topics as the lecture but in much more detail and with a much wider range of items. It affords a great deal of fun as many participants will have Regency and/or Victorian chairs, workboxes, writing boxes tea caddies, toilet mirrors and even larger items which they are encouraged to bring with them for identification, discussion and an end-of-day quiz.  The more the better and everything brought will be incorporated into the study day!


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