Welcome to my website, designed to help you select a lecture or special interest day topic and title.  All my lectures and special interest days are delivered in digital format using “PowerPoint”.

The study of furniture involves a fascinating journey through the history of craftsmanship and design. A branch of the applied arts, furniture studies give a particular socio-economic, historical, and at times also political insight into past times.   Furniture is of universal appeal to male, female, older and younger NADFAS members.

I hope you will find it easy to navigate through this site and that you will find something of interest.  I will be delighted to prepare or revise a lecture or special interest day to fit in with your programme themes, periods, topics or even places that your society may be visiting.   So please use this website more as a source of ideas which we can discuss so as to arrive at something that will fit well within your programme.


Each title is accompanied by a synopsis to help you decide what you want for your programme, but a much shorter “one-liner” can be provided for your society’s programme or newsletter.  I can also provide you with a more detailed breakdown of study day content and formats together with an illustrated “flyer” for your publicity purposes.

With best wishes

Janusz Karczewski-Słowikowski


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